Adobe Software is an American software company. The company, known as Adobe Systems, is known for its Multimedia and Creative Software products. The most popular products are Photoshop, Acrobat Reader and Adobe Creative Cloud.

Adobe creates many programs, many of which I only knew about recently. Most people are familiar with Flash, Photoshop and Adobe Reader. However, these are not the only programs that Adobe develops. In the past, however, purchasing the suite in recent years has been a fairly large investment.

The list of Adobe software is a giant. All creative needs are covered. And one thing is for sure, whether you are a graphic designer, web designer, photographer, illustrator, marketing professional or in the television and film industry, it contains most of the tools that your profession considers to be an industry standard.

However, most Adobe Software programs require a subscription, and you can choose to subscribe to a single application or to the entire Creative Cloud suite. It’s an important decision, so it’s important that you know exactly what you’re buying. Although there are more than 50, yes 50 applications in total (don’t believe us? Watch this essential video that explains the 50+ in one minute), but there are 12 main applications that you must know.

If you want to edit images, this is the industry standard. so much so that the word “Photoshop” has become synonymous with image editing in common use. However, optimizing photos isn’t all that Photoshop does: it’s also a full-fledged graphic editor.